Now is the time to revamp your working life

Are you going to spend another 200 or more working days the same way as last year?  Are you ceding your life to the same daily grind to pay the bills? Or are you ready to revamp your working life?…

You can make this year, your best ever but it cannot magically happen without your participation.  Work success requires ongoing changes by you that mirror the changing world of work and your life. 

Depending on the dynamics of your working life, here are five pivotal changes to consider this year:

• Attitude
If you are always complaining, living in the victim mode and still sore about work wounds from years ago, you should work on your attitude before contemplating any other change.  A winning attitude is still the key to unlocking work success.

• Work Strategy
Instead of haphazardly making work decisions based upon emotional drivers and gripes at a particular time, why not adopt a planned approach with a work strategy.  It will provide focus, crystallise the challenges and give new purpose to your daily work.

• Work
If you are bored, frustrated or seeking new challenges, consider taking the plunge by changing your work.  While it is by no means an easy journey, requiring time, money and effort,  the alternative is spending the rest of your life in unfulfilling work.

• Job
You may love your work but hate your job.  Your experience on the job is influenced by several factors such as the organisational culture, your boss, the resources at your disposal and the reward thereof.  If you have explored various avenues in the past without success, seeking another job or starting your own business could be the most crucial change you undertake this year.

• Performance
Secure a competitive advantage by raising your performance game from poor or average to star quality.  Start by making a renewed commitment to excel. Thereafter the biggest changes often involve new ways of working, innovation and skill development. 

In conclusion, irrespective of how many times you have tried and failed in the past to change your working life, you have to at least give yourself the chance to succeed this year.  While many employees resort to a DIY change journey, sometimes you can navigate the challenges by seeking professional assistance. There are several parties that can help you including the HR department, a mentor, coach, financial adviser or reward consultant.  In a years’ time, you could be reaping the dividends of the change(s) you embraced today or remain dissatisfied. The choice is yours.

(Star Workplace, January 2005)

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