Establish a progressive mindset about work

From childhood, we are conditioned that work is tough, a struggle and grudge labour. It gets worse when we arrive in the real working world. Job seekers are exhausted in their efforts to find a job, never mind a dream job. For those working behind the corporate glass, there are challenges from management to crisis management. Few are resolved in a way to advance the cause of work.  Over time your work ethic, beliefs and decisions are conditioned by a rather disappointing experience of work.  You become disillusioned, cynical and abandon cherished aspirations in the process.

I have been privileged to engage organisations and individuals trapped in this conditioning. While breaking free of it is possible, I find the initial step of just venturing outside familiar notions of work can be a daunting one.  For example, can you entertain the possibility of work being more exciting than your best holiday?  What about building your work success on corporate chaos? I understand it may seem crazy based upon your experiences so far.  It is really your mindset at work.  To quote, Abraham Maslow, the great humanistic theorist, ‘to the man with only a hammer in his toolkit, every problem looks like a nail”.

Establishing a progressive mindset about work is a rewarding one for both organisations and individuals. Organisations benefit from having a workforce willing to innovate all facets of work. The beneficiary is business performance without prejudicing employees. Individuals gain by creating their work success in a way that matters to them. Yes, work can be refreshingly different!

(Star Workplace, September 2005)

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