HR is now at the core of all businesses

One gigantic problem: organisations rely on HR to find, attract and keep these talented individuals. The HR profession is in flux – part of the process is to discard archaic notions about employees and work. I know of organisations where the HR department’s approach to recruitment, organisational design, remuneration and career management is a yellow tattered page from the 1980’s.

Don’t believe me?  Consider your HR department over the past year and answer these questions:

1. How many issues seem to be dragged year after year with no resolution in sight?

2. When seeking to fill a position, does HR make the effort toconnect with candidates whose application was unsuccessful?

3. Even though you are employed in HR, are you dissatisfied and seeking another job due to personal issues with the HR department?

4. Has HR revamped the remuneration structure to achieve tax compliance and efficiency for both the organisation and

5. Is career management and personal development just another ritual on the calendar or does it involve passion and genuine

As the pendulum swings further towards talented individuals and intangible assets, the pressure is on HR to engage with talent in new, meaningful ways.

(Star Workplace, July 2006)

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