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What they are saying about the book

‘Insightful reality to the employee – hard hitting truth for those waiting for things to happen amp; not making things happen’nbsp; F Bux

‘A brilliant examination of work success backed up by a bonus package you can use ’ J Smith nbsp;

’ It is straight to the point, it is plain truth and it hurts. I finished reading the book and all I want to do is kill myself for the idiot I’ve been.’ D Mokoatle

’ Work sucks is about acknowledging the traumas, tragedies and triumphs… that is associated with work. Being the first of its kind – Work Sucks, Make Work, Work certainly deserves an award for innovation, tack and breaking new ground on matters, which are vital and yet get given the least amount of attention within the workplace. ’ A Naicker

’ Well done on writing this book. I’m about to leave corporate myself – my last working week, and enter the world of consulting.nbsp; Much of what you’ve written, I’ve (unfortunately) experienced -I almost learned the lesson too late, I almost died in the process. I now understand the meaning of ‘soul destroying’ work. ‘C Richter

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