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Transport Challenges

The Wheels are Coming Off With World Cup 2010 less than 215 calendar weeks away, the clock is beating down on our rainbow nation to unite under a common banner, not seen since the birth of this democracy. As the curtain falls on the year,nbsp; in my opinion, we are grossly deficient in the infrastructure, […]

Talented Bokke, HR Exit, Skeleton Staff

Get behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s Workplace Radical Ah, December has arrived. For thousands of working class citizens, this month provides brief respite from their contractual sentence in the office. Their dreams, relationships and life flicker for a few weeks. It is time for hot lazy days by the pool, catching up at […]

Hot Jobs, Strike, Pension Fraud

Work Headlines – January A quick synopsis of the news in the past fortnight Positive for Employee in PFA case Those in hot jobs Nolitha Fakude at Sasol Negative for Telkom CEO, Papi Molotsane Northern Free State Employers SA -Misery Index Those facing retrenchment at SAA…