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High in Caffeine

According to the Macmillan dictionary, caffeine is a ‘substance that makes you feel awake”.nbsp; And that’s the problem with coffee outlets mushrooming all over place – they are fast asleep when it comes to their customers. The coffee shop owner/manager doesn’t bother about connecting with their customers (unless you like connecting at the point of […]

Get HR Streetsmart

Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical This is my first column for 2007 and instead of my routine explorations into your organisation, I decided to share five tips on making your HR department sizzle with line management and staff alike. 1. Raise the white flag 2. Provide January amp; […]

Don’t let the January drudgery see your great plans fade by February

In theory, January should be a spectacular month on your career calendar. You are returning invigorated after the holidays with bubbling enthusiasm, elevated energy levels and purposeful actions around your career. You are impatient to unleash your creativity and feel great about your contribution. Yeah right! It is a far cry from reality where many […]