High in Caffeine

According to the Macmillan dictionary, caffeine is a ‘substance that makes you feel awake”.nbsp; And that’s the problem with coffee outlets mushrooming all over place – they are fast asleep when it comes to their customers. The coffee shop owner/manager doesn’t bother about connecting with their customers (unless you like connecting at the point of here’s the bill) and local community (save for bland advertising of their business). The staff are dull, bored and dissatisfied. Their gripes deserve another post. Freebies on the house are unheard off and even when you do fork out on a large meal, you’ll have to settle for those mints.

So I’m rather excited about Caffeine in Seapoint – they have generated quite a buzz with their blog site and in the process, spreading their caffeine far and wide. They are defying conventional wisdom – the founder(s) are connecting with customers amp; future customers through their site, they are creating value for their community with their business breakfast club and best of all, using their marketing rands to give away free caffeine + muffin to any blogger that mentions them in their blog – good or bad sentiments!

And you thought all coffee outlets were the same? A definite stop when I go to Cape Town.

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