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Strike, Fidentia, GEMS

A quick synopsis of the news in recent weeks Positive for School kids that want to stay at home Department Science amp; Technology Some Fidentia Staff GEMS Negative for Government amp; Unions Those relying on the Public Sector Services…

Beyond Remuneration Structuring

If you are seeking yet another seminar on the conventional models of remuneration – traditional (basic salary plus benefits) or cost to company, you may want to steer clear of this experience! Beyond Remuneration Structuring is a unique presentation for the discerning employer that is seeking to address the following questions: • How do I […]

An Arthouse Affair

Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical When did you last experience customer service that left you feeling like a celebrity, royalty or a millionaire? Never? Most customers would be overjoyed with the minimum of getting what they paid for without prolonged suffering. Companies are far off the mark in […]

Total Cost Packages

Hopefully you have figured it out by now. It is the great, “How to pull the wool over employees” while they were working. If you are remunerated on any package model – total cost package, cost to company, total cost of employment or similar variations,nbsp; go back to your contract, package schedule amp; payslip. Study […]