Public pay, Eskom wages, SAA bonuses

Transnet CEO discharged from hospital

Maria Ramos returns home from hospital to rest and recuperate

(Moneyweb, 13 May 2007)

Government pay demands are a public disservice

Opinion piece on the public servants’ demand for a 12% wage increase and the proposal by the Moseneke Commission that some cabinet ministers should receive 50% hikes in their salaries.

(Sunday Times, 06 May 2007)

Eskom under strike threat

Labour union Solidarity warns of strike action at Eskom Holdings after unsuccessful wage negotiations.

(Business Report, 7 May 2007)

SAA denies exec bonuses

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) claimed on that South African Airways (SAA) directors received large performance bonuses for the 2005/06 financial year and profits plummeted in that year. SAA spokeswoman Sarah Uys said: “SAA would like to make it clear that the airline paid no bonuses to any of its executives for the financial year ending March 2006, when the airline declared a marginal profit of R65 million, compared with the previous financial year when the airline declared a profit of R648 million.” SAA is currently in a fundamental restructuring to restore profitability.

(Sunday Times, 29 April 2007)

ICT skills ‘not scarce’

Government setting aside about 35 000 work permits for skilled foreigners “able to contribute to the growth of the South African economy in a number of areas suffering from a shortage of critical skills”.

(IT Web, 25 April 2007)

Jobs for all?

Radio discussion on the findings of the Fifth South African Employment Report. Since 2002, self employment has leaped from one in seven to one in six South Africans. There is a need for more people with specialized skills

(Business Day, 25 April 2007)

Post Office boss faces axe despite court win

Communications Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri determined to fire Post Office CEO Khutso Mampeule despite his success in the Pretoria High Court – Judge Chris Botha gave him an order to force Matsepe-Casaburri to give him her secret forensic report into governance breaches and interdicted Matsepe-Casaburri from holding a Post Office shareholders meeting where she planned to fire him.

(Business Day, 23 April 2007)

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