Applying for the Job that doesn’t exist

My article, Look before you leap, before you learn the hard way appeared in the Star Workplace, yesterday. I regularly receive applications for non-existent positions arising from my media articles:

“Good Day

Madame (Name) at (Employer Name)

In referrence, to the Star Workplace, Wednesday 16th May 2007, advertisement in regards to the Cashier position or any other position you may possibly find in your store for me. Herewith, please find enclosed X2 copies of my CV for your perusal.

I’m awaiting and hoping to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely.


(Actor,Bouncer,Crowd-Controller,Interpreter,Translator,VIP-Protection Guard amp; Voice-Over Artiste, French-English Vice-Versa) “

Attachments: CV

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