The Men in Black and their Package

The Pay Game, Part II

Whew! That was a relief: no comments. Let me explain. Employees do not want to play games when it comes to pay. They want be fairly remunerated (the more, the better) for their work. They are not interested in the problems of their employer on the pay front. Period.

So the employer returns with the ‘Men in Black’, (somebody from HR and a consultant) to give the talk that John wanted to hear:

“ Forget everything that your employer said. Look straight at this device. What he actually meant to say was: “John, I have been doing the sums on your pay. I want to offer you a better deal. I am going to put all these earnings, benefits, contributions and allowances into one box. Let us call rather call it a package. Now I am going to add it up so that the total is a single big number. Then let us determine how we can allocate this total amount to your earnings, benefits, contributions and allowances. You can beat the taxman here by putting more money in your pocket with my help. Did I mention that you are talented. And I know that you have the qualifications, experience, skills amp; competencies for you to succeed.nbsp; I know that you are willing to give the long hours, the extra mile efforts and high value work.nbsp; I will assist you to manage your time and responsibilities. ”

John agrees, this is a fantastic deal – earn more, pay less tax, take more in his pocket.

The Conclusion is on Monday

(The Times, August 2007)

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