Recruitment/Job Ad Spotted

Here we go with the first ever recruitment/job ad spotted:

Employer:  Christopher Mills (Not explicity stated in the ad)
Website:    iMod
Job Ad Title: Employment Web 2.0 Style
Position:    Junior Web Developer/Guru
Location:    Not Stated
Date Closes: Not stated
Best Line:    “Pop me an email with yr Gtalk or MSN, and we can have a pow wow!”

1 Why this Position?

“I have an exciting project I would like to launch, and due to time constraints from my side, I cannot do this alone.”

2 What is this Position about?

“You would work with a 100% CSS styled website, and an AMAZING design, so you need not worry about xhtml and css standards “

3 Do you have the Hot Stuff?

By junior developer, I don’t mean someone who’s learnt to code at varsity, I’m talking about someone who’s self taught, but doesn’t have a ton of industry exposure. Skills will involve PHP development (pref no OOP), and mySQL.

4 Are you the ONE?

“preferably a student who hates going to lectures because he’s been up all night working on his/her own ways to take over the world with his/her uber Internet skills.”
“Please only apply if you are serious, business focused, and enjoy socialising and having a good time – no intraverts please, you will be wasting your time (I was guna say no WoW addicted geeks, but damn, you guys are probably the best bet )”

5 Is this a Deal of a Lifetime?

“So, I am looking for someone who wants to take a bit of a chance, and invest in a project which might turn out really successful.”
“You will get to work with 3 young, trendy, funky guys on this, so it’s not going to be a boring experience either,”
“you will build contacts quickly!”

My Closing Statement

The type of job ad that can only come from an entrepreneur that is passionate about their business, wants to grow by taking on passionate talent and offers fun too. A great talent pitch that is let down by lack of detail in the opportunities & benefits for the successful candidate. 

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