Car Free Day

“What is Car Free Day ?

Car Free Day is one of the highlight activities of the Public Transport Month campaign.This year. the campaign takes place on 20 October. On this day, all citizens are requested to make use of public transport and non-motorised forms of transport travel to their destinations.

Who can participate and how?

All private car users can participate. The only criterion required is your positive attitude and willingness to make a difference and contribute in a small way, to create a better Gauteng and South Africa. No one is forced to participate, it is a voluntary activity. Please show your support to this cause by persuing public transport on this day or at least by riding with friends or relatives in a lift club. One can also phone and obtain a sticker free of charge, as a sign of support.

The benefits of public transport compared to private transport

The following comprise a list of the benefits of public transport compared to private transport:

Increased productivity and economic growth.
Manageable rate of emissions of poisonous gasses in urban environments.
It is more affordable bearing in mind the cost of petrol.
There will be less traffic congestion if there are fewer cars on the road.
Fewer cars mean fewer accidents on our roads.
The government can save the money it would have used to build and maintain roads and spend it to improve the lives of the poor by providing more housing, water, and social grants.

On 20th October 2006 you stand a chance to win yourself one of the following prizes:

Susuki AN 125 motorbike with a Bali helmet (5)
PSP Playstation Portable base pack (5)

To enter – take an mms picture of yourself with two or more occupants in or on one of the following modes of transport and send it to Any form of public transport such as a bus, taxi or train; Lift clubs, ridesharing and private car Non – motorised form of transport such as a motorcycle or bicycle. (You can be alone in the picture) ”


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