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That is sad, because this column has predictive value: the stock market correction, the 50 basis points up tick interest rates and the fuel shortages were forecast last month. Ok, I mentioned these matters without being specific enough. But since you were not paying meticulous attention, who cares? Honestly, I was surprised. Last month, I highlighted the new cyberworld job of Facebook Compliance Officer. The ultimate position for control freaks that want monitor employees and prevent them from connecting with others, on your company bandwidth. According to the traffic site,, South Africa is the sixth most popular country in terms of Facebook users.* Somebody is paying attention. I spoke too soon. ABSA and Wesbank have limited or blocked employees from accessing the Facebook site. When I checked there were 279* and 55* individually disclosed profiles related to ABSA and Wesbank respectively.(It should be outdated by the time you read this column). Many other South African companies are following the same practice. No fun on company time. No networking, we don’t want the business. Management is wired to the command and control ethos of the 20th century. Taylorism lives.

The Incredible Staff

More attention deficit experience in the technology space. These days, the basket of a connected customer includes technology products and services. From the latest gizmos for home entertainment to business tools for the office, technology is happening in our lives. Or taking over our attention filters. A quick experiment for your next technology spend. Do a Google search on the item (0.10 seconds), scan a couple of info laden websites and blogs (300 seconds) and make notes of the specifications ( 300 seconds). Call or preferably, visit your local Incredible Connection store. On a quiet day, you will probably find the staff idling in the aisles or some of them congregated in a corner. Wait until a sales rep approaches you. Try having an intelligent conversation about the product or service specifications, comparisons and price. In the unlikely event that they grab your attention with valuable advice, hire them immediately in your business. (Let them tag your purchase for their commission, their basic salary is low). You have discovered a diamond, surrounded by stones of indifference. Otherwise, use an Incredible Connection store to physically view the product before purchasing it online. The DIY service is faster and knocks the price down. Or may be Incredible Stores will invest in their people assets for a change. 

Closing Attention

Writers are advised to wrap up their column with a powerful conclusion. It should summarise their piece for the benefit of readers that went straight to the bottom of the page. Or leave other readers with the feeling that you would stay longer, have to go but will return next month. With this in mind, here is my effort: foolproof strategies to get HR efforts noticed in your organisation.I guarantee you can quickly draw attention to your HR efforts by drawing attention to something else:

1   E-mail a one page summary of people/profitability ratios to executives without explanations.
2. Deliver a large gift to a line manager for achieving an important performance target. Except that he did not achieve it, the credit should have gone to the line manager down the hallway.
3. Quietly, remunerate each employee R100 more in month more and R200 less in month two.

Until next month, pay attention to your talent. I am.

* Outdated

(HR Future, September 2007)

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