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Bonus Blue

The silly season at this time of the year is a catalyst for the interests of small business owners and corporates to clash with those of employees in that vandalised term: bonus!nbsp; The traditional bonus was to receive something in cash or kind, in addition to the normal remuneration that you expected from your employer. […]

Talent, Emigration and E-mails

Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical “I am coming, just packing up and will be there in half an hour”. I knew that Annelie would be very late again. She meant well but struggled with time. Part of the problem was the time it took from the decision to […]

2007 SA Talent Review

With 2007 almost gone, now is the time to reflect on what a crazy filled year it has been in this country.  In no particular order, here are 10 talent highlights of 2007 1. Strikes. Strikes. Strikes There were lots of strikes throughout the yea…