2007 SA Talent Review

With 2007 almost gone, now is the time to reflect on what a crazy filled year it has been in this country.  In no particular order, here are 10 talent highlights of 2007

1. Strikes. Strikes. Strikes

There were lots of strikes throughout the year – from the Gautrain related strikes for better pay to mining safety.

2. SA Blogger Down, Debate Opens

The first employee to be fired for their blogging activities, made SA history last month. Read more here

3. Social Media Booms

Facebook. Myspace. Linkedin and dozens more et al. In 2007, social media came home with a bang. Local organisations did what they do best:  locked down and blocked access.

4. Skills Shortages

The skills shortages hit many companies hard this year – it has moved from ‘something waiting to happen in future’ to ‘we are already in this mess, today’

5. Talent Retention

The problem that will not go away:  how to retain talent?

6. Pay pressures

Pay increases outstripped inflation in many organisations. The December 2007 SARB bulletin examines the higher inflation expectations in wage trends.

7. Work Life Balance

After years on the fringe, work life balance is moving into mainstream thinking and programmes of companies – just look at any listed corporate, the range of service providers and work-life related events on the HR calendar.

8. Economic Squeeze

This December employees are sitting with less cash to burn than a year ago. The steady death of the 13th cheque, loads of NCA tape, persistent interest rate hikes and steep fuel prices have affected disposable income. (N.B. School fees in January)

9. Scandals

Organisations have lost millions due to actions of management and employees. Freshly baked example: the bread price scandals. (Update: Noticed the +/- 50c bread price rise in the past few days?)

10. Medical Aid

The provision of quality, affordable healthcare remains contentious area for providers, medical aid schemes and members alike.