Recruitment/Job Ad Spotted: Talent Retention amp; Development Specialist

I found this short recruitment ad recently:

Employer:  Unknown (Not stated in the ad)
Website:    Career Junction
Position:    Talent Retention and Development Specialist
Location:    Gauteng
Date Closes: 14.12.7
Best Line:    R 599,000-600 000 Per Annum Cost to Company

1 Why this Position?

No info

2 What is this Position about?

”…Development and implementation of strategies to attract,motivate, develop and retain talent “

3 Do you have the Hot Stuff?

“Honours graduate within the HR field
Ideally a completed or in process MBA/MBL”

4 Are you the ONE?

No info

5 Is this a Deal of a Lifetime?

Insufficient info to comment

My Closing Statement

The ad is too short and broad to be meaningful for a talented individual seeking career advancement. It could be used for other HR generalist or senior HR management positions. But seriously, is it worthwhile to apply for a position with an absurd range of R1000 (R599-R600K per annum) – is the employer too mean for an extra R1000 per annum/R83 per month?

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