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Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers of South Africa Aviation Union of Southern Africa Broadcasting, Electronic, Media and Allied Workers Union nbsp; (BEMAWU) Building Workers’ Union Chemicals Workers Union Communication Workers Union (CWU) Electronic, Allied and Metal Workers Union of South Africa Employees Union UCT Entertainment Catering Commercial and Allied Workers Union of South Africa […]

Smart Reward Strategies Winners

Winners from the Star Workplace, Smart Reward Strategies giveaway The Book (valued R228 each)) V Mabunda R Chetty The E-Book (valued R149 each) D Botes B Maphelela Congratulations! Related Posts Download free chapter from Smart Reward Strategi…

Talent Wars come to SME’s

I admire entrepreneurs in this rainbow nation. You must have steel nerves, thick skin and a hardnosed disposition to start and build a business from the ground up. The odds are piled against you.If you survive the hardships of business in SA (according…

How to manage a modern working life

In years gone past, it was relatively easy to manage your working life. There was guaranteed success in almost all professions. You could pursue formal employment or the more daring followed the entrepreneurial trail. Employment was on the ‘job for life’ model with a company that provided security, fixed working hours, guaranteed benefits and status […]

The Bullard Effect

The Bullard Effect An elementary guide for those looking to arrive in blogosphere with a bang 1. Leverage a powerful platform David used his established column on the massive Sunday Times platform to reach a loyal readership base. Even though his column has been successful in its own right, I doubt he would have generated […]

An Entrepreneur by any other name

Conventional Titles for Entrepreneurs CEO Budding Entrepreneur Associate Consultant Director Founder MD Member Managing Member Motivator Owner Professional Speaker Proprietar Strategist Team Builder Trainer Partner Principal Consultant Unconventional Titles for Entrepreneurs Chief Imagination Officer and Talent Thought Leader (Source: Tomorrow Today) Work Radical (my own)

Resignation Letter 1

This resignation letter is provided solely for information and entertainment purposes. Please do not use it to resign or as a farewell letter. We welcome contributions, e-mail us your resignation and/or farewell letter and if accepted, it will be included in this section. No information about you or the organisation will be disclosed. From the […]