The Bullard Effect

The Bullard Effect

An elementary guide for those looking to arrive in blogosphere with a bang

1. Leverage a powerful platform

David used his established column on the massive Sunday Times platform to reach a loyal readership base. Even though his column has been successful in its own right, I doubt he would have generated a fraction of the responses if he simply asked readers to visit his new blog. Many readers save for die hard fans, are too busy in their own world to go and visit yet another new blog.nbsp; It can be forgotten or postponed indefinitely.

2. Compelling Shock Value

The shock value of the column was of such intensity on a rational and emotional level to fire up bloggers (target market) throughout the blogosphere.nbsp; We are used to being shocked in a crazy world – how many shocking headlines do you still ignore each day?nbsp; Intensity is important.The hot buttons – sex, race and intelligence (or lack thereof) were skillfully combined and allowed for diversity of responses from bloggers. Even I could not resist adding my 300 words.

3. Focus on the content to focus on You

David kept the focus on the content to generate the buzz about what was he thinking to write that article and then drove readers to the blog. The content was worth blogging about given the platform used to deliver it to the masses, the compelling shock value and the profile of the columnist. It generated discussion among readers familiar with his column and spread his message to those that might have ignored his column in the past.

4. Leave them to talk among themselves but not for too long

The article appeared in the Sunday Times on 6 May 2007. Bloggers eagerly tore the article apart without any response until the Bullog appeared on 7 May 2007. The impact of the article would have been undermined if it was left to continue running throughout the week without a response – many minds would have been (negatively) made up. And cynics creep in over the intention of a late response.

5.nbsp; Use the Tools of Technology

The article appeared in print and online. The debate was on the Sunday Times website. The blog is based on the popular Word Press. The video clips are on You Tube

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