How to manage a modern working life

Today just keeping track of your work life is a mission, let alone trying to manage it. Employees are on a fast track into the unknown where anything can torpedo your work.  Nothing is beyond change from workspace to the workers in it. Qualifications, experience and competencies can increase your competitive edge but cannot guarantee a job.  The entrepreneurial trail is becoming the home of more employees when their jobs leave them.

So what are the secrets to managing your work life?  The Work3 approach can be applied today:

1.    The Working Day

Every working day provides you an opportunity to change how you work if you are prepared to break old routines.  Imagine the extent to which the compounding effect of your working days can change your work deal from customer relationships to performance management.

2. Personal Warning System

In no more than three words, how do you feel about your job?

If you used words such as unhappy, bored, fed up, gatvol or so-so, take heed of your personal warning system in the negatively charged words. It provides invaluable information about what is not working for you, the underlying issues and clues to resolve it. More importantly is your realisation that work gripes will not magically go away but grow into bigger challenges over time.

3.  Act on acknowledgement

I meet many employees that readily acknowledge the working world has changed. Yet they consistently act on the work front as if it was 1994, not 2004.  For example incessant complaining about your unhappiness is appropriate on the ‘job for life’ model if you are counting the years to retirement.  In the new work economy, complaining without action is to ignore the writing on the wall until it falls on you. Acting on what you have already acknowledged about your work is critical to managing it.

To sum up the Work3 approach, Work 1 is the opportunity to change one working day. Work 2 are the issues that flash up on your personal warning system from many working days. Work 3 are your own endeavours to change your working life.   

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