Guess where the pain is in the war for Talent

I’ve arranged the responses into into broad categories:


Who is our Talent?
How we do identify Talent?


Leadership. Leadership
Lack of management vision
Toxic bosses
Contagious negative perceptions
Management by fear


Retention of young talent – Generation Y
Retention of high flyers


Professional vs Management track and remuneration
You have to get promoted to get better pay
Different (higher) pay for newcomers vs existing staff in same position

Skills, Training, Growth

There is insufficient growth and opportunities for staff
We can’t steal from our competitors anymore
Nobody is training in the skills we need
We are developing staff & losing them to the competition
We don’t get the skills we are looking for – engineers & scientists
We need to transfer of skills from “old” to “new”

Working Hours

Mothers @ work & working from home
Flexible working arrangements

I welcome your comments, feel free to add to this list!

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