Archive | April, 2008

Organisations do not have a personality

In the turmoil of modern organisations, disillusioned employees easily lose sight of the organisation being a legal entity without a personality of its own. It is not ‘born’ with love, hatred, courage or depression. Rather the fluid relationships between investors, management and staff shape the personality and culture of the organisation. Many organisations have dysfunctional […]

Go Smart

My second book, Smart Reward Strategies – Authentically Attract amp; Retain Talent will be released next week at 2007 PayCon Smart Reward Strategies provides expert direction to authentically attract and retain talent through the reward minefield of HR, finance, labour, tax and business. It is for those who are restless with conventional talent-reward relationships, concerned […]

Clues, Dismissals and Call Centre Calls

Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical In April 1999, Chris Locke, Doc Searles and David Weinberger dropped a bombshell with their Cluetrain Manifesto: the End of Business as Usual – when internetworked markets meet intranetworked workers, there is a transformation of what is inside and outside your business. The […]

People Risks lurking in the dark

A defining moment in your business is when you decide to employ people. Each time that the pen glides on the employment contract, you and another individual are setting of on a rollercoaster ride using the tracks of your business and his/her career. Many promising businesses discover abruptly that their track is wrecked beyond repair […]