Are YOU that vital asset?

These days almost every organisation professes, “People are our most important asset” and then expenses them in practice.  It is substantiated by inter alia the accounting treatment, restructuring to eliminate employment costs and pay containment. Notwithstanding the shortcomings of organisations, I want to focus on the role of employees in entrenching this situation… 

Are you an ‘asset’ in your organisation that consistently generates work of real benefit?  Or are you an expense lurking undetected so far? 

Here are some indicators to consider:

• Responsibility
You have taken responsibility for investing, upgrading and maintaining “you” as the most important asset that you will ever have in your working life.  While your employer may contribute to this process, you don’t rely upon them for your work success.

• Business
You have a line of sight between your work and the business. You understand the business challenges and how you can make a difference. In volatile times organisations’ can’t afford employees that are disconnected from their business as remote islands or work as cost centres.

• Innovation
You innovate to create value. In the process you also increase your market value as an asset to prospective employers.

• Invest in others
You invest in other people to unleash their asset potential. By mentoring, coaching and networking with others, your relationships become a source of value to the organisation.

• Ethics
Your work is executed in an ethical manner to promote the interests of the organisation.  You exercise reasonable care when using the property of the organisation. Firms lose millions each year due to unscrupulous employees draining their bottomline, 

• Approval
The value of your work is not wholly dependant upon approval by specific parties, it can be readily ascertained by an outsider.

• Impact of losing you
Losing you as an asset will result in substantial expenditure for the organisation. Employees that are expenses actually benefit the organisation by their departure.

• Technology enhances your asset potential instead of relegating you as an unnnecessary expense.

The new work economy will increasingly require more assets and lower expenses. Start building your asset column today.

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