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My second book, Smart Reward Strategies – Authentically Attract amp; Retain Talent will be released next week at 2007 PayCon

Smart Reward Strategies provides expert direction to authentically attract and retain talent through the reward minefield of HR, finance, labour, tax and business. It is for those who are restless with conventional talent-reward relationships, concerned about what is going wrong in their endeavours and wondering what “more” can they do, in the raging war for talent.

In this ground-breaking book, you will discover:

•nbsp; The power of differentiation in reward
•nbsp; The deals that matter, for the organisation and talent
•nbsp; Reward structuring, not remuneration structuring
•nbsp; The Wealth Imperative
•nbsp; Fame – beyond traditional recognition

Smart Reward Strategies will assist a range of stakeholders involved in reward: from HR executives, HR consultants and remuneration specialists, to finance professionals, payroll practitioners and line managers. The book includes online reward updates, worksheets and checklists to apply the content.

Get the first chapter, Reward, Like Never Before for FREE by dropping me an e-mail: worksuck at worksucks dot co dot za

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