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Dimwits in the office

Watch out for the Dark Side – a combination of dimwits, psychopaths, and suck-ups that you have to work with or worse, have as a boss. Dimwits work in the dark. Describing them as dof or retarded is overestimating their intelligence. They break their …

Problems need quick solutions

We live and work in an age of speed.nbsp; A brilliant product, service or idea is no longer good enough.nbsp; It is the speed of delivery that matters to demanding customers. Organisations have responded to the challenge by including swiftness in their corporate values, marketing, promise to customers and performance measures…nbsp;

Talent moves – Buckland, Maher, Phillips

Three individuals on the move in the Web/Social media space:nbsp; Matthew Buckland, Mail amp; Guardian Online GM is heading to (Naspers), Vincent Maher, Mail amp; Guardian Online Strategist is going to Vodacom and Rafiq Phillips, Quirk eMarketing, SEM Guru/Web Addict is joining MIH Internet (Naspers) Some observations of note…