Take a girl child to Work Day – Hidden Benefits

1. Best Behaviour

An unintended benefit of this day is the extent to which dysfunctional executives, moronic bosses and knife wielding co-workers are on their best behaviour. Or at least try to the keep the dirty stuff out of sight from impressionable girls.  Their image, reputation and leadership is on the line because they can’t blame the girls for their conduct. (No flirting). Be honest – how was your own behaviour affected by the knowledge that young eyes were watching you at work? 

2. The Dream

For once, there is a meeting of minds on extreme sides of the pole: talented individuals contemplating their career options without the load of marriage, debt and realities. Exception: there are many teenager with pregnancies, inherited family debts and a streetsmart appreciation of work realities. Down south, you will find the “average” so-so employee, feeling stuck in their career and not too excited about marriage or debt. They look at these girls and think to themselves, “you have no idea of the working experience in this company”. The girls look at you and what do they think?  Today you should think about your career, the opportunities that have passed you by and the possibilities ahead. 

3.  Take Time Off

Here is a tip for 2008 – put your name down to participate in the info workhops, activities and responsibilities for bringing a group of girls to your organisation. You can spend many hours on this socially driven initiative without being shot down by the boss for wasting time. (He wouldn’t want to be the bad guy in this situation). It is a nice finishing touch on your CV too.

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