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The I’m Out of Here Workforce

I’m presenting at the 2009 IIR Human Capital Management Conference this morning on a topic that is close to my heart (and business)… talent engagement and retention. The reality is that study after study shows that the majority of employees are disengaged and are “out of there” – mentally and emotionally, if not physically…

Changing Business in SA

I’ve spent the better part of today at the Zacron Changing Business in SA Conference – which hosted heavy weight speakers such as Clem Sunter and Mervyn King. I delivered a presentation on Smart Reward Strategies just before the lunch break and…

Working in Turbulent Times

If you missed the launch function of UCT BMF, you missed out on of my favourite presentations – Working in Turbulent Times. It covered hot buttons such as: 1 nbsp; Life, Luv, Career and Debt 2. New World of Work and U 3. Build Your Career Before You Graduate Unfortunately I will not be releasing […]

SA Blogger Down! Debate Opens

Background Llewellyn Kriel’s hard hitting blog post on Thought Leader. Suspension. The in-between, half baked apology. A disciplinary hearing. First blogger fired in SA history. This debate is officially opened. It should have commenced months ago in blogosphere and within organisations about the conflicts waiting to happen. Unfortunately it takes a high profile firing to […]

25 Powerful Questions – Business, Culture, People and Reward

For the past three years, I have penned a monthly column in HR Future Magazine, “Rattling the Cage” – an irreverent, insightful and hilarious glimpse behind the corporate glass. I have examined everything from talent mismanagement, annoying sales agents, generational conflict, overpaid executives to jobs of the future,unwieldly systems, performance farce and the end of […]

Budget, Your Job and Health

From 1 March 2009, the tax exempt/deductible portion of your monthly contribution to a medical scheme increased by a paltry 9.6% from R570 to R625 for you and the first dependent, rising marginally to 10.1%, from R345 to R380 for additional dependants…

Don’t let the working world bring you down

Unlike the animal kingdom, humans possess a staggering capacity to adapt to their environment. Individuals have survived life under the Roman Empire, bomb shelters in two World Wars and no atmosphere on the moon. While such adaptation is the difference between life and death, many individuals continue the same in the workplace. Here is what […]

Farewell Letter 1

Received via e-mail This farewell letter is provided solely for information and entertainment purposes. Please do not use it to resign or as a farewell letter. We welcome contributions, e-mail us your resignation and/or farewell letter and if accepted, it will be included in this section. No information about you or the organisation will be […]