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Leaping from employment to entrepreneurship?
Frustrated, burnout and disappointed?
Seeking to build a business?
Worried about turnover, profit and cashflow?
Dealing with fickle customers and employees?
Thinking about closing the business amp; look for a job?

The promise of freedom, doing your thing, living your passion and banking the moolah. If only business was that easy. Building a business in SA is a rough, turbulent ride. Depending on which stats you use, over 90% of entrepreneurs are doomed within 5 years. If your business is not working (the numbers point downwards, the heads are going in the opposite direction and you are a wreck), it is just a matter of time before the brown stuff flies.

The rest of your entrepreneurial life could be fulfilling, fortunate and famous. It has been done. Not only by the Gates and Trumps of this world, but by ordinary South Africans. If you don’t like the forecast for the next 6 months, you can chart a new direction. Whatever the direction – saving the business or packing up shop, a lot can happen in your business and take you to higher ground.



1.1 Small Business Big Life Dispatch
1.2 Biz SA @ Sandton Events
1.3 Targeted Business Assistance

1.1 Small Business Big Life

Entrepreneurs qualify for an exclusive free subscription to the Small Business, Big Life Dispatch. Read more here

1.2 BIZ SA @ Sandton Events

One of the Mayoral priorities is to promote economic growth and development in the City of Johannesburg. To assist in achieving this Libraries in the City are striving to deliver active
guidance and information services on Business Development and opportunities.nbsp; After a successful run in 2008, Worksucks – Make Work, Work and Sandton Library will again be running Biz SA @ Sandton Library, a free entrepreneurial platform to support small business.nbsp; This is a great way to learn from other entrepreneurs,nbsp; share ideas, discuss common hurdles, promote your business
and collaborate with other SME’s.nbsp;

To receive a complimentary invite, make sure that you have signed up for Small Business Big Life dispatch above

1.2 Targeted Business Assistance

If you are serious about starting or building your business, contact me about your specific issues.

Enquire by me with the following info: organisation name, your position, business info, website (if applicable) and contact number



2.1 Rattling the Cage Column
2.2 Employer Directory

2.1 Rattling the Cage Column in HR Future Magazine

Unconventional insights on HR as a business partner, war for talent, retention, performance management, generational workforce, skills development and more

Read all columns from July 2006 to date here

2.2 Employer Directory

Since 2004 the Worksucks – Make Work, Work blog (http://www.worksucks.co.za) has covered the SA Talent landscape with original, informative and thought provoking content for job hunters – rich content, resources and freebies around the new work economy in SA, landing a job career success and opportunities. The Employer Directory section of the blog has been running since 2005 and proven to be popular with job hunters, from undergraduate students to highly qualified professionals. The One Click Job Hunting approach saves hours for an individual – they go through the list of employers, read the descriptive keywords and with one click they are taken directly to the career/jobs or specified talent section of the listed employer without having to navigate the whole company website. Employers benefit from the directory through ongoing employment branding, marketing and recruitment for positions in their organisation. Besides a nominal employer listing fee, there are zero recruitment charges.

Enquire or Join the Employer Directory by me with the following info: organisation name, your position, organisation website (if applicable) and contact number