Get Paid what you Deserve

Let us start with the word, “deserve”: according to the Macmillan dictionary, it means:

“1 if you deserve something, it is right that you get it.”

You believe that your current remuneration should be higher because …. there are dozens of reasons such as:

• You have worked so long for the company (tenure)
• You work hard (effort)
• You suck up to the boss (sacrifice)
• You cover for the boss (sacrifice)
• You are a high performer (performance)
• Value of your work to the company, is so 10 times your pay check (R value)
• You work after hours and on weekends (time)
• You are dedicated to the company (loyal)
• The clients sing your praises (service)
• You bring in the moolah (sales)
• Co-workers earn more than you, for doing less (pay equity)
• Management promised the remuneration during the interview (expectation)
• You have the employee award of the year and not the pay (recognition) 

The problem with claiming that you should get paid what you deserve, is that remuneration is more art, less science.  If remuneration structures and pay bands were a natural law, then you could determine the “right” remuneration that you “deserve”.  Unfortunately there is no “right” remuneration for your work, only negotiated pay operating within (or beyond!) the remuneration structures and pay bands in your organisation.

So the next time, you are fighting to get paid what you deserve, change your approach to:

Get Paid what you can Negotiate

Because at the end of the day, what you get paid comes down to how successfully you can negotiate remuneration with the employer for whatever notion of value, you bring to the table (effort, sacrifice, loyalty, sales, service) that the employer wants in their business.


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