Spooking different language: Talent and Employers

What does high performance really mean?
Do you know?
Can I see it?
Where does normal performance end and high performance begin?

What remuneration are we talking about anyway?
Is it your total cost package, just the basic salary, the tax definition or the labour law definition
Or something in between?

Who likes to be developed? 
Are you approaching development from a positive, I want to “go for it” angle or a sceptical, maybe hostile position? 
Does HR develop people because they have weakness or strengths? Why?

START here: before going down a long winded path of disappointment that is costly and time consuming, check that you (talent!) and the employer are speaking the same language.

Because if you are not, there is a gap gasping for the conversation. If you are that line manager or HR in this war for talent era, you are responsible for cleaning up the language in the minds of talent. Quickly. Or you could be spooking talent away rather than speaking to them.