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I move exchange rates, what about you?

———————————————————————————- New here? Free Worksucks Blog Subscription Why? 1st in SA. Top SA Business Blog. Power Career amp; Business Free E-Mail Subscription or Free RSS Subscription ———————————————————————————- In a competitive market, the power of differentiation for employers and talent can not be over emphasized. If you are job hunting with endless rejections, here is a […]


STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES Worksucks – Make Work, Work (2006) Are you miserable? Do you want to succeed? Fight for the Work of Your Life Worksucks – Make Work, Work is a critical experience for any South African employee trying to make sense of their organisation, career and job. It is written for the fed up […]

Welcome to the Pay Game. Wanna Play?

I want to play a game like no other. A real game ripped straight out of South African organisations. Horror. A game that involves your employer, HR, external consultants and you. You are playing without being consciously aware of it. As you will discover the stakes are extremely high. To participate in this game, simply […]

Unions, Outsourcing and Work

For the past three years, I have penned a monthly column in HR Future Magazine, “Rattling the Cage” – an irreverent, insightful and hilarious glimpse behind the corporate glass. I have examined everything from talent mismanagement, annoying sales agents, generational conflict, overpaid executives to jobs of the future,unwieldly systems, performance farce and the end of […]