Welcome to the Pay Game. Wanna Play?

Your employer calls you into his office on Monday morning. He closes the door behind him. You have a sense that something is wrong. He looks at you with a cold stare:

“John, I have been doing the sums on your pay. It looks gloomy for the business. To put it bluntly: I am very unhappy about your pay. I feel sad when it rises in the employment expenses column. That hits the bottom line. I am scared that the business takes this risk and that risk and those over there. I don’t want these risks for having your talent. I am miserable that I have to fork out more each year for providing these benefits to you. These benefits are expensive to maintain even though you definitely need them for the uncertainties and the long haul. Don’t get me wrong. You are talented. I know that you have the qualifications, experience, skills & competencies that are crucial for my business to succeed.  I love your long hours, the extra mile efforts and high value work. I love the money that you make for the company. I really do. I love having to micro-manage your time and responsibilities. But I get a cold sweat over your pay, the costs and the risks.”

He leans back in his high back executive chair and asks you,

What should I do?

Part II, the ‘Men in Black’ on Thursday

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