Three Career Defining Decisions

1. Stay in SA or pack up

A popular conversation in the staff canteen and at social functions: stay in SA or pack up for Dubai, UK, Australia, (wherever). Either way, it is a career defining decision that will determine your personal growth, earnings potential and future opportunities. Think carefully – remember your career could be physically based one country but operate globally

2. Remain a so-so employee or go after what you truly want

As discussed in my first book, Worksucks – Make Work, Work, a so-so employee has adapted to a sour experience of work. You go to work saying to yourself, “I don’t like this but I can live with it, it pays the bills.”  The day you decide to go after what you truly want, is a life-career changing milestone. It is better to reach this milestone before an adversity such as a divorce, heartattack or waking up at 45 and wondering what happened to your life.

3. Manage the Dark Side

The modern workplace comes with dimwits, psychopaths and suck ups as standard features. Your boss could be one of them. Or your co-workers. It can drain your soul and life, one working day at a time. But when you consciously decide to manage the dark side – take control and responsibility for yourself, plan your strategies and work ahead of them, your career has the chance to fly.