Dumisani Shawe Reviews the SME Career Event

I would like to thank Yusuf again for the wonderful job hunting and SME event that was held at Sandton Library on the 18 July and the other one before that was at Village Walk Shopping Centre, Blues Room on the 2nd of July.

I attended both events and this for me was a wonderful constructive experience of my life, it was another time where I was rethinking and reinventing my attitude and changing the way I though about my career and realization of all the small thinks that I was missing to complete my puzzle. The value of the things dealt with such the mind set, what’s holding you topics and the networking has added another value to my job hinting skills and business ideas.

From me the little I learnt just added a big value to my thinking and I would like to advice my fellow student to take such opportunities and use them in building their characters.

About Dumisani Shawe

I am a second year BA Tourism Development student at the University of Johannesburg and currently looking forward to do internship with any tourism company that is operating around Johannesburg. I am a highly motivated person willing to learn and experience in a practically way to develop myself academically and in a practical way. I take my job very seriously and give effort to my entire tasks and always seek new ideas and ways that can add a new value to every project or task I am involve.


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