Gugu Mahlangu Reviews the Job Hunting and Entrepreneurship Event

The event was held on the 09th May 2009 at the Sandton Library. The speaker was Yusuf Mahomedy whom is also the initial creator and master mind behind Worksucks. It was held from 08:30 am till just after 13:00 pm. The event dealt with areas such as:

• Branding
• Marketing
• Sales
• Common problems

It was my first time attending and I must say I learnt a lot about Branding myself not just an entrepreneur, however also as a student job hunting and how to put myself in the public. What I can highlight from this area is that one need not limit themselves especially if you studied something in a particular degree.

Furthermore one needs to build relationships in the form of Marketing as well as not sell yourself short. When in an interview or posed with a question what can you do? Your reply shouldn’t be anything, instead be specific, show that you know what you want and are able to give the interviewer direction into what skills you have.

To conclude, this was an opportunity whereby I learnt, and with what I learnt I need to put into practical work. Also had the great advantage to interact and network with other individuals, of which was a great experience.

“Don’t tie a Degree into a fixed job, but branch out and think of something more broadly”

About Gugu Mahlangu

Gugu Mahlangu is a third year UJ student, studying BA Development Studies.


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