Social Media Millions

1.  Are you an entrepreneur?

I like this definition by French economist, Jean-Bapiste Say, that an entrepreneur “shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield.”. If you are playing in the social media space, where is the higher productivity/greater yield from your offerings?  Entrepreneurs identify the opportunities, take the risks that scare others away and open up markets for customers and other entrepreneurs. In the past three years, social media has went from zero to how many zeros can you count in record valuations. There are plenty of opportunities for the taking. But South Africans are not well renowned for taking high (calculated) risks and social media ventures are the same.  We need a concerted effort to inspire, mentor and assist upcoming entrepreneurs.  We need mass collaboration from the ground up, not hundreds of one man band experts running around in the market.

2. Are you in sheltered employment?

It is easy to work on the top floor of a corporate in Jozi or Cape Town, as a social media specialist/expert/whatever title makes you tick. It is easy to impress executives, that don’t know better; spend the corporate purse, hire the best external developers, try whatever you can get away with, risk their business and (hopefully) make the company rich. In the absence of real performance management, you will come away with a guaranteed 6-7 digit paycheck from your 8-5pm job. Granted you won’t earn hundreds of millions, but sheltered employment remains an attractive proposition for talented individuals.

What do you think?