Dimpho Keorapetse Reviews the Career Briefing

Dimpho Keorapetse, a CPUT Student, attended this event and provided this review

I am Dimpho Keorapetse, studying in CPUT Bellville campus and I attended the last week’s Working Edge Club – Career Briefing.nbsp; I found it a necessity that students are given a chance to show case what they have to businesses out there. I got to admit it,before I came for tertiary school I was worried that I might turn out to be like the rest of people that are unemployed. It still scares me sometimes to know that my four years of degree could turn out to be a waste of time because I can not find work that suits my qualification.

Attending that meeting showed me that I can start now,at 1st year to look out in the market and talk to people that are already there to show me ways to make it work for me!!! To me, a young person who wants to bring something best out of herself Working Edge is what I can attach myself to !!!

Thank you for the opportunity Yusuf!!


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