Lebogang Qabaza Reviews the Chill Out Session

Lebogang Qabaza, a UJ Student, attended this event and provided this review

I would like to first thank you for the very informative session on job hunting skills we had yesterday at Newscafe. That has truly made me realise the reality behind the world of work. I’m so happy that i made the first move by registering myself on your website and have been part of the experience of it.

I was truly and honestly uninformed with the reality of finding a job. The job hunting skills session held at Newscafe, has opened up my not only my eyes but my perceptions of the world of work. I was scared at first but then i realised its this type of information one needs to know at all times. With yesterdays chill out session, i have learnt to be:

* Different – Stand out from the crowd
* Not to compromise myself
* To capitalise – use myself to get through to employers
* Market myself – network with others beacuse one does not know which person can be a link to a door opening for you and
* I have learnt to promote myself.

From that, that has been said, i want to be very conscious of where i want to be and to be build my career before i graduate.

About Lebogang Qabaza

I am a student at the University of Johannesburg. I study a BA degree in Human Resource Management and i am currently in third year. Throughout my learning and being a student, i have learnt to be passionate, dedicated and to be a hard working person and to be able to give every effort to my tasks. My time as a student teaches me to cope under pressure, to interact with others, to plan and organize and to analyze situations in a critical and creative manner.


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