Succession Plan, Talent Management (No 26, Underpaid Employee)

A succession plan must be formulated for each and every Trainee and assistant specialist It is vital so that we see the growth within ourselves and the company. The progress reports must be kept on each and every Trainee/assistant specialist and the performance feedback must be conducted accordingly every season. Speaking of the Performance feedback, isn’t HR supposed to be handling this and keeping record so that when there is a position, they could recommend someone internally based on the performance.  Still from the intranet , our very own intranet , we speak about Talent Management.

The rollout of our talent management strategy has gained momentum in the past financial year. Various talent for were convened through which we have gained a comprehensive understanding of our talent pipeline by discussing the potential and performance of staff. This has enabled us to plan proactively for our future HR needs. As a direct consequence of the talent management programme, career discussions were held at management level with most employees and individualized development plans compiled for many others. The talent management initiative therefore enhanced our efforts to identify, develop and ret ain key talent for succession planning purposes.  Maybe this is only for certain individuals, because it’s them who seem to be progressing in their careers here from the assistant level to a fully fledge.

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