Management Development Program, Jobs and Floaters (No 27, Underpaid Employee)

Is the company using this MDP program to gain quota or something because they do not seem to have any future plans for these MDPs. For example, there are these annoying positions which they just started last year , you would see a position advertised and they would say that they are looking for a specialist Projects. The job specs will be exactly the same as of any other specialist. In this position HR does not consider the application of anyone who is internal, what is the point of keeping these assistants even when they are ready to be specialists if they cannot hold these positions. I think these projects positions are best suitable for internal people, people who already know the company way, who know the businesses instead of taking a new person who would still need to learn the systems, the business and things like those. Since this position is a project position, isn’t it a right platform for appointing a ready assistant to that position as a Specialist and see how he/she does?

We tend to have some floating staff here in the building that are like ministers without portfolios, these guys are earning a lot of money and yet they do nothing. They do not have any responsibilities, they do not even float like they were hired here to float, maybe they give a definition to Floating.

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