Racism in the Workplace (No 28, Underpaid Employee)

Oops! I almost forgot about the racism in the company. Oh yes there is huge racism at this company. L et me make you an example; there aren’t any white Assistants in the business, the one I can think of is that girl who was hired as an Assistant and it was hardly a year and a half and she was hired to a Specialist Buying Position of plus minus R200 million business where she struggled for a while which is understandable.

The second white person was an ex-model, can you believe it, she was a model here at our company, she got hired last year as an Assistant in one of the biggest businesses in the company and it was hardly a year and now she is appointed as a fully fledged Buyer for that business.

Why can’t that happen for the black candidates? Look at one division, look at how many people who are assistant consultants and all of them are Black. Shame on the management!

It’s so interesting to look back where we come from as a company before the acquisition. This company had some black or should I call the Affirmative action candidates in the board but hey when the new shareholders came in, the Black candidates vanished.

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