Doctors vs Government, Pay Games amp; Wild Cat Strikes

Government dragged their feet for (years) over Occupation Specific Dispensation (OSD) – is OSD about salary increase or salary readjustment?  (That is another story about whether professionals in the public sector should be remunerated at the same level)

After a wild cat strike last week, government announced the higher remuneration packages to the media, before resolving it with doctors. (Trying to win over the media, desperate patients and gullible public?)

With reports of 50% pay hike and government having to spend an additional R1billion rand, it appeared that doctors were going to finally score big in the pay games. 

Not so

According to this article in the Sunday Times, doctors are crying foul play over government’s wage offer.

The actual increases range from 1% to 43%, not 50% – the difference is attributed to the inclusion of overtime, pension and the scarce skills allowance

You can download the offer from here (26 June 2009)

What do you think?

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