Gender and Transformation (No 29, Underpaid Employee)

I came across a sketch/graph on intranet and this is how it looks. Pity now that this graph shows till 2006. What confuses me and am yet to figure out is how was this stats collected? Does it include the stores personnel? I would like to see it with only the Head Office Personnel, head office, can somebody draw one for all of us showing only the Headoffice staff?

Still in the intranet , we see that the company speaks of transformation, what are they talking about? What is Transformation as far as the company WAY OF DESCRIBING IT?

Transformation reporting structure

A Group Transformation Executive leads transformation initiatives and reports directly to the CEO. The function was broadened to include Corporate Affairs, which embraces all aspects of corporate citizenship. A Board Transformation subcommittee, chaired by the Group Human Resources Director, assists in the integration of transformation policies across the Group. The Disability, Gender and Employment Equity Committees also monitor our performance in transformation. This confuses me too because there are just positions that are not allowed to men to apply for and I call that discrimination. In one division, there is not a single Specialist and it does not seem like there will ever be one and that is a big concern when a company this big speaks of transformation the way it does. Is the information in our intranet just a front?

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