Growing and Progress (No 18, Underpaid Employee)

Anyone who joins a company just to have a security of having a monthly income should not be hired here. Every employee is here to grow, progress, learn more careerwise and while on that you are contributing to the growth of the company, at least I believe that much. Whatever is not growing, surely it must be dead already. For this company to grow bigger than it is today, we need highly motivated personnel, people with vision somet hing similar to what CEO had in mind when he took over the company a decade ago, the company was not doing well at all, as profitability declined on prior year on a sales growth of 10%. He knew that he had to do something in and turn the company around to a positive platform.

Imagine the staff which is so motivated, surely positive energy does rub off and and it is a very healthy thing and that is what we need as employees, that is what I need when I am representing the company in my dealings with the suppliers in my job.

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