The Meaning of Mentorship (No 30, Underpaid Employee)

Unless I have my wires crossed but the definition of a mentor is not what is portrayed here. A Mentor is not a supervisor, a “bass” but a guider. A Mentor is a trusted adviser, trusted counselor, the guardian and a teacher. Mentorship refers to a development relationship between a more experience mentor and a less experienced partner who will be called a mentee or protégé—a person protected by a more prominent person.

For example, in some programs, newcomers to the organization are paired with more experienced people in order to obtain information, good examples, and advice as they advance. It is considered that new employees who are paired with a mentor are twice more likely to remain in their job than those who do not g et mentorship.

Mentorship is not necessary for the new comers in the organization. In other cases, mentoring is used to groom up-and-coming employees deemed to have potential to move up into leadership roles. Here the employee (protégé) is paired with a senior level leader or leaders for a series of jobs in disparate areas of an organization, all for small periods of time, in anticipation of learning the organization’s structure, culture and m et hods.

There are two types of mentoring relationships: Formal and informal. Informal relationships develop on their own b et ween partners. Formal mentoring on the other hand refers to assigned relationships, often associated organizational mentoring programs designed to promote employee development.

A mentor does not have to be a manager or a supervisor to facilitate the process, but this gets very sensitive at this company, you are just assigned to work under a person and that is called your mentor band. You are to turn to that person for each and every little things work wise, failing to do so, maybe you turned to one of the colleagues for an advice you damage your relationship with your mentor. Here at this organisation your mentor has your career development in his hands, you will only progress when your mentor feels like it.

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