Mentors, Performance and Career (No 31, Underpaid Employee)

It is so sad what we see here everyday at the company, young consultants have their spirits and confidence crushed by people who are supposedly to be their mentors. It has ended being not unusual to hear that a trainee will be moved to a new department just because there is some personality clash bet ween him and the mentor and this always delays the mentee’s progress because within the company policies you are to stay for at least one full year in your portfolio before you can move to another level or apply in other positions. I for one had to be moved from the department I was in mainly because I felt that I was not growing, I had no responsibility, all I did was to be some kind of personal assistant to the specialist guy, doing all of his dirty work which will never make me a better specialist. I realized that my work is not about cutting swatches for my specialist buyer, making Photostats, carrying samples to the vendor room to suppliers and sit and look pretty in the meetings.

This becomes very sad when it comes to the appraisal period where you get appraised on the KPI’s which you never had a say on during the time of negotiating the costs, the RSPs, the margin, controlling OTB and et c. Now your specialist consultant has missed budget , missed the GP, stock turn is bad and etc and now you will be appraised the same. Why can you not be appraised on what you did the whole time, pulling rails, taking samples to here and there, cutting paper and rubbish like that?

Let me make you an example; Tracy is a specialist in one department was taken to court a couple of years ago by a young trainee for mistreating her and etc.

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