Dysfunctional Organisation (No 32, Underpaid Employee)

This confuses me because when you go to the company website and intranet to read more about what the company stands for, it’s policies and etc, you notice that this company is not run in a way which is designed to be run in, every aspect that I tend to touch here complaining about is addressed and the company believes to be run according and following all of it’s policies. I have cut and pasted what I saw there in terms of what the mentor is supposed to have or to take in to consideration as far as this organisation is corned;

Leadership competencies


Achievement orientation
Organisational commitment
Organisational thinking


Team leadership

This is confusing when we see people like this Tracy character I have mentioned and you see these people moving up and progressing within the company, this tells us that the company condones this kind of behaviour but only to certain people and the question will be ‘what kind of people?’ As your can see that the word intergrity keeps popping out in each and every definition the company wants to use in explaining what it stands for.

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