Kaibe Mokoma Reviews the Chill Out Session

Kaibe Mokoma a UCT BMF Student attended and provided this review

On 12-Aug-09, I had such special moment of joy transforming life to chill with you face-to-face at Caf’e Sofia in Rondebosch to discuss how ones life could be transformed in the limited space of time given to live only once, and with that glorious gift of life one has to dilligently oneself to desirable destiny of success, wealth, fame, rich, and on top of them all the righteous life governed by morally ethincal principles, prosperous vision to recognize how those who touch our lives significantly could contribute to ours or how on the other side could make a positive difference as well.

This year, 2009 I hope to graduate with MSc (Mathematics of Finance) from UCT, as I compose this email could hardly let go of the extravagance of excitement deep inside of me to cherish the exceptional skills of Computational Finance capabilities thus have acquired through such a diverse academic careers where I did Electronics and Computer Engineering for Undergraduate Degree and for Postgraduate Masters I’m doing MSc in Mathematics of Finance, to the Finance world I bring along the Scientific Thinking Ability of Engineer to provide instant solutions and cautious
decision making out of properly accurate interpretation of Mathematics and Statistical description Financial Risk and Optimally Smart Portfolio Constrution and Management.

For the short-to-medium term I wish to build a global brand on my name as the Best Quantitative Equity Portfolio Analyst, upon the realisation of these feasible goals wish harness birth gifts to attain any desired destiny with integrity, credibility to the assertions of ethics, moral norms and principled values of public decency. My ambitions seem to neither follow any predefined finite limit in Newtonian Calculus nor any reasonable realistic “as the realist would be cynical about the optimist”.

About Kaibe C.Mokoma

BEng (Electronics Engineering) – NUL
MSc (Financial Mathematics) – UCT


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