Working Edge Club featured on UJFM

Molly Modisenyana, a producer at UJFM, contacted me a few weeks ago for an interview on UJFM to discuss the Working Edge Club.

On Saturday, I got to chill with Preneil on air and we settled down to discuss job hunting in a tough market.

For those that missed the interview,nbsp; here are the highlights:

1.nbsp; Don’t wait until the end of the year to start job hunting. Get cracking today

2. A degree is not in itself enough. You must market and showcase your value.

3. The Working Edge Club provides you with the mindsets, tools amp; actions.nbsp; No excuses for doing nothing.

4. The world needs movers and shakers – there are opportunities for the taking

5. You can find work that you are passionate about and earn well. But it takes work to get there.


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