This Company Offers Job Security

This big company offers job security. Never be worried about losing your job again. Your job is as safe as the bank vault. The only time you will lose your job, is when you resign or die. This company guarantees job security and is the only company in South Africa to do so.

Can you guess which company I’m gloating about?

Well I’m sorry to do a U turn on you.

This company does not exist.

If you are looking for job security, let me share a secret: you won’t find job security in a…


Because that is security for the company, not you. A job is security for a company because they own the job, can upsize or downsize it and do a million other things with it. (They may be taken to the CCMA, but that is another story)

Security does not come from having a job. Just ask thousands of workers that walked through the revolving doors at Arthur Andersen, Fidentia, Saambou, AIG Insurance, Merill Lynch and so many other companies. 

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